Anarchy is not chaos.  It is not destruction. It is simply the absence of "government."  The agency most people erroneously identify as "government" today is in reality a gang of lawyers, armed thugs, and con artists backed by an army of bureaucrats, which operates an immense array of protection and other rackets financed through extortion and fraud.

Where are you on the new political spectrum?

Many political diagnostic tests purport to place their respondents on some scale or spectrum according to their beliefs. 

All, however, wind up with the person being an advocate of at least some level of government. 

This test is based on a true political spectrum of anarchy (no government) on one end, and total authoritarianism on the other. 

Take this brief self-evaluation quiz to see how close to a free human being you've become after all these years on the planet.

None of the answers will be saved or otherwise collected.  Your identity will remain anonymous:



True False  

If you don't vote you can't complain.


Without government, there would be no roads.


I can not be trusted to figure out right and wrong for myself.


People need to be controlled, lest they run amok.

5. Anarchy means chaos and destruction.

If you don't pay taxes, you are stealing from society.

7. We all have a moral obligation to obey the law.
8. The United States is a democracy.
9. The constitution grants us our rights.
10. The government should determine what is right and wrong for us.
11. Society has an obligation to protect the weak and infirm.
12. The majority rules.
13. Politicians are our servants.
14. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

Democracy is the worst form of government -- except for all the others that

have been tried.

16. The police have a right to use lethal force in cases where it would be wrong for others to do so.
17. The state should have the right to monitor the populace in efforts to provide security.
18. The lesser of two evils is better than none at all.
19. We shouldn't abolish the state until we have something to replace it with.
20. Government doesn't have to be moral, that's why it's the government.
21. Politicians are supposed to lie, when it is in the national interest.
22. When in a war, it's "my country, right or wrong!"
23. The government exists to protect the rights of the people.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.


We need a government that is strong enough to vanquish all enemies, yet

can't trample on our rights.

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